Saturday, October 25, 2008

FEATHER'S BREATH CD is here! busy has it been here!
I began this recording well over a year ago, and though i feel weird releasing two recordings so close together, when you look at it, it's just that they both came to be finished near the same time.

A good part of my time is spend jumping from project to project...I'm a fire-stoker, you see. I have never been able to only focus on one project from start to finish. I like to keep my perspective fresh, and this is the way i've evolved my work.

i used to worry that i was never going to finish things. After all, i have cupboards filled with half knitted jumpers, half-sewn clothes, unfinished pictures, and less-than-completed songs. But somewhere amongst the chaos of leapfrogging from one thing to the next, things grow, until overnight it seems they are finally finished.

I am particularly fond of this recording, as it's the first public recording i have made with no electronic instruments, something i have been meaning to do for a while. This recording is one for the breath..

I hope you enjoy it as much i i truly loved creating it.
smiles to you,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meditations have Arrived

It's proving to big a big year.
I have just finished recording FEATHERS BREATH, which holds a special place in my heart. It's the first public recording i have made without any electronic instrumentation of any kind. It happened out of the blue, without plan, without thought. In a few days it will arrive, and i am sooo excited.

Talking about an arrival...The SECRET HEALING CD arrived a few weeks ago. Here is is fresh out of the box...

I can hardly keep up with things at the moment. The CD went berserk in the first week, which is why i haven't even written a post here yet to let you know it's arrived!!

It's all a bit daunting when i'm waiting for the first run of a cd. I get a bit scared of how the artwork will print, and wonder if the recording will live up to expectations. It's all the paranoid stuff that creeps it's way into my psyche. I usually distract myself while i'm waiting by launching myself into other projects...but the wait alwasys seems endless...2 weeks feels like months.

I'm very humbled by so much support, and do apologize this news isn't hot off the press. Don't worry, for those of you hanging out for these meditations, we have plenty of them, and will keep plenty of stock in reserve.

If you click Secret Healing CD album cover, it will take you straight to our Artscope Music ebay store. I promise to be more prompt with giving you the heads-up when Feather's Breath arrives.

Smiles to all of you for your generous support, and wonderful emails.

I remain your biggest fan...