Monday, October 25, 2010

A Gem amongst Gems

I wrote this in response to fellow creative Karin Taylor today, and thought i would share it, as i feel it relates to all of us artists...

We artists are unique creatures, compelled to create, frustrated by our own inabilities, scarcely acknowledging our strengths, emotional yet removed, intense and often flippant. Our passion can scarcely be matched, and our depth often self-destructive, yet we contribute more to the culture of humanity than any other group.

We are timeless. We are often misunderstood. We are dreamers of the highest calibre. We are timekeepers, and shape destinies. And we must live with ourselves through each and every moment.

The journey is, at best, extraordinary. Above all else, this is what we must remind ourselves.
For we have much to achieve, and very little time in which to achieve it. 

Live long and prosper, as you are a gem amongst gems