Monday, October 25, 2010

A Gem amongst Gems

I wrote this in response to fellow creative Karin Taylor today, and thought i would share it, as i feel it relates to all of us artists...

We artists are unique creatures, compelled to create, frustrated by our own inabilities, scarcely acknowledging our strengths, emotional yet removed, intense and often flippant. Our passion can scarcely be matched, and our depth often self-destructive, yet we contribute more to the culture of humanity than any other group.

We are timeless. We are often misunderstood. We are dreamers of the highest calibre. We are timekeepers, and shape destinies. And we must live with ourselves through each and every moment.

The journey is, at best, extraordinary. Above all else, this is what we must remind ourselves.
For we have much to achieve, and very little time in which to achieve it. 

Live long and prosper, as you are a gem amongst gems

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Pain of ART

I love creating.
I don't care what it, an artwork, a garden...hang, even a chicken coop! There is, however, an element of pain involved, as with all robust births.

It a kind of pain that can't be explained. Not a hurt, per se', but a dull and very persistent ache which closes you off...not just from other people, but also from yourself. Sometimes it precedes a rush of emotion...anger,'s like a madness, where you literally lose it.  (This is a good time to remove yourself from any proximity to innocent bystanders, such as spouses, or friends you'd like to keep).

I don't understand it, and i have noticed it seems to increase with age. It's like the more i know, the more i have to try and cram through the eye of that needle. i sometimes get the urge to rip open my skin to let out whatever-the-hell wants to come out.

Sometimes it gets too hard, and i just want to run and hide, so i try to bury it down deep. Creative people can only do this for so long before they burst.

This is all counterbalanced by the euphoria that goes with creating...this i cant explain. It goes beyond words. It all boils down to the intense experiences that only the artist can know, and that most people who admire the art no virtually nothing of.

Are we all crazy? possibly. It could be that being a creative is actually a symptom of some brain defect they will identify in the future. The fact is that many artists suffer from depression at the very least, so does this go to make them better artists? maybe.Maybe we're all wired for self destruction on the inside whilst we reconstruct on the outside.

I love creating...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Things from simple ideas

Great ideas often come from the most simple ideas. Things don't always have to be complicated to make a statement, to be impressive, or to make you think. If you can relate to it in a way you have never thought about before, it can move you to take your own imaginings to new heights.

So next time you have a slightly bent take on something ordinary, indulge yourself and create something wonderful :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When Up Goes Down

The see-saw of having a creative vocation is a never-ending cycle. Inspiration soars, and then just as quickly disappears. Opportunity knocks, and then suddenly becomes silent. Our world revolves around the unpredictable ups and downs; income instability, creative surges and blocks, successes and failures.

One of the most valuable lessons for anyone in a creative vocation to learn, is that these peaks and troughs are a normal part of the game. What's important is to hold on to the knowledge that the down will end, and the upswing will come. Not by sitting back and doing nothing, but by continuing with a sense of momentum. Sometimes this momentum draws us into new enterprises and new ideas, which can then lead to new inspiration and new opportunities.

When you're in a downward swing, remind yourself that you've been here before, and that there is an upswing ahead. Do whatever you need to do in the your projects, do some housework, catch up on some admin, send stuff to people, reconnect with previous contacts, make new contacts. Sometimes simply doing something completely different helps, with an ultimate distraction which can get things flowing again. The important thing is to not stand still. Pausing is healthy, but doing nothing at all besides wallowing will only feed negativity.

Remember the law...for every action, there is a reaction.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks

I'm a big believer in creating your own opportunities instead of waiting around for someone else to make an offer, but there are those rare times when opportunity does seem to knock of it's own accord. Then what?

It's never easy to know what the "right" thing to do is. In my world, this is because i don't believe there is a "right" way, only a series of choices that lead us to other choices...endless forks in the road. We all do, however, want the choices we make to lead us to realities which improve our circumstances, and create more opportunities, so when something wonderful comes along, realistically the choice would be take that ball and run with it! Right? Well....

The problem comes down to self preservation. You see, most opportunities contain some kind of risk element to them. One of the most obvious risks is the one which involves drawing attention to ourselves, which can bring up all kinds of self conscious traits. Do I really want to do that? I mean, come on! If i expose myself, people might just see that i'm not some genius, i'm a total nerd, and even worse than that...someone might just ask me to do something that I've never done before, which i might FAIL!! FAR TOO RISKY!!

The truth is that we all do things that we have never done before in order to try new things we have never done before. We once took our first footsteps, which led us to walk, which led us to run, which led us to ride. You weren't born knowing how to operate a computer, or drive a car, or cook a had to try it first in order to find your way. In your career, this is no different.

So, when opportunity comes knocking, and surprises you with it's generosity, don't slam the door and run and hide under the bed. It's what you  actually wanted anyway. Just be careful what you wish for...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Building a New Beginning

I've never built a house. Does a cubbyhouse count? Nup...ok, then.
But after all these years, i am building my first home.

Apart from the obvious stuff associated with owner-building (the huge learning curve of unraveling the mysteries of a different industry), this is a journey like no other. Building is significant in so many ways to our life's journey. It's a commitment of  the self, the soul, and the security of life. I could draw hundreds of psychological and spiritual parallels with which building a home (and in my case, also a studio) represents, but i wont go on about it, except to say that it's an enlightening experience, and one which stimulates my need to grow immensely.

One thing that's extremely gratifying is being able to get my hands dirty and get stuck into the work. A day spent in the studio editing music is very rewarding, but physically i have little more to show for it than empty coffecups on the studio desk, along with scribbles on a whiteboard and scattered papers...but a day spent digging a trench is real and tangible. And the pile of rocks i have collected is as real as the clay in my boots and the filth in my hair. I can smell the work i've done.

So whilst today i watch the rain come down as i spend the hours amidst the intangible worlds, I'll share with you my gratitude for the new beginning i am helping create. And how humbled i feel next to those with the skills and experience who are sharing this journey with us, and who are helping me to learn how to turn these dreams into a reality.