Sunday, January 3, 2010

Building a New Beginning

I've never built a house. Does a cubbyhouse count? Nup...ok, then.
But after all these years, i am building my first home.

Apart from the obvious stuff associated with owner-building (the huge learning curve of unraveling the mysteries of a different industry), this is a journey like no other. Building is significant in so many ways to our life's journey. It's a commitment of  the self, the soul, and the security of life. I could draw hundreds of psychological and spiritual parallels with which building a home (and in my case, also a studio) represents, but i wont go on about it, except to say that it's an enlightening experience, and one which stimulates my need to grow immensely.

One thing that's extremely gratifying is being able to get my hands dirty and get stuck into the work. A day spent in the studio editing music is very rewarding, but physically i have little more to show for it than empty coffecups on the studio desk, along with scribbles on a whiteboard and scattered papers...but a day spent digging a trench is real and tangible. And the pile of rocks i have collected is as real as the clay in my boots and the filth in my hair. I can smell the work i've done.

So whilst today i watch the rain come down as i spend the hours amidst the intangible worlds, I'll share with you my gratitude for the new beginning i am helping create. And how humbled i feel next to those with the skills and experience who are sharing this journey with us, and who are helping me to learn how to turn these dreams into a reality.

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