Tuesday, April 29, 2008

...and do it NOW!

Just to add to the previous post (and for all of you perfectionists out there): as guru Seth Godin put it so perfectly Doing it well now is much better than doing it perfectly later . Couldn't have said it better myself.
smiles to you,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Find freedom in DOING

It's amazing how much time we spend thinking about the possibilities of doing things instead of actually doing them.
Just pick one thing you have been really wanting to get around to doing "one day". How many hours have you spend thinking about the possibility? How much time and energy have you spent talking yourself in and then out of it? How much energy have you invested in the "maybe"?
If we turned that energy around into actually DOING it, we would be well into it by now. Sure, there's risks...that's what life is about. Would you really rather be safe and unsatisfied, or find freedom in actually doing what you feel drawn to do?

We pend so much time wishing we could be somewhere/someone/doing-something else, that we have forgotten how to go out there and create our own reality, invent our own future, and take charge of our own destiny.

It's in our genes to go out and take risks, to chase down the scary beast with nothing but a spear to feed the family. It's a rush, an adrenalin pumping high, which excites us, makes us run faster, leap further, take ourselves to new highs we have never been to before. It makes us shine.

Go on, go ahead and shine. Take a leap, and make it happen. Isn't it better than sitting here just thinking about it?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's the little things...

As we go about our time in this big old world, with huge hopes and big dreams, it comes down to the simple little things that are easy, free, and full of goodness that shape our future, give rise to newness, and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

It's the little things, like:
  • choosing to buy a particular product over another because it uses more environmentally sustainable packaging.
  • opening the door for a mother with a pram
  • smiling at a stranger instead of looking away
  • saying a kind word in the face of gossip
  • taking a breath in and feeling grateful for those small wonders of life
There is so much negativity and shallow thinking in this world. But it's those little things which change our personal reality for the better.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Remarkable

Remarkable things happen every day.

For some battling illness, it's remarkable to be able to get out of bed in the morning. For the single parent with 3 small children, ending the day with a smile is remarkable. For some, arriving on public transport on time for work is a remarkable thing. For others, it's remarkable that
they find a job at all. For the broken, it's remarkable to find hope. For the weary, finding that last lunge is a remarkable thing.

Things change every day, and each day brings something remarkable to every person alive.

What's remarkable for you?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What you don't see, dies!

Sounds pretty aweful doesn't it.

I've just finished recording the soundtrack to a remake of an undersea film, CORAL SEA DREAMING, by Emmy Award winneing filmmaker David Hannan.
When i wrote the music to the original film in 1992, it seemed almost impossible that this rich reef life could simply curl up and die. But it did. It's GONE.

This new film (shot entirely in high definition - yes, it's awsome!), was filmed in new locations, where small pockets of reef life still exists. Yet, this too will most certainly perish, because it's gone beyond being able to turn things around. Sad to think that it's now about preserving the memory of it.

So what happens next? As our reefs die, our seas will turn toxic, which will destry our fragile atmopshere, killing plants and animals, which includes us. Dramatic? Yup! Realistic? Let's put it this way...scientists are ASTOUNDED at the rate of sea life degredation. What they thought would take 100 years to die is already gone. Scary? You bet ya!

So, you live nowhere near the coast. Has nothing to do with you! Wanna know where your waste ends up? How about all that greenhouse gas your choices are contributing to. Yes, that includes you choices in packaging, products, and anywhere else your money goes. You buy it, you'r killing
it. Sorry for bearing bad news.

If you've seen AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH (by Al Gore), you know the picture.
Is it really this bad? Well, we could keep going the way we are and find out.

Wanna try?