Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What you don't see, dies!

Sounds pretty aweful doesn't it.

I've just finished recording the soundtrack to a remake of an undersea film, CORAL SEA DREAMING, by Emmy Award winneing filmmaker David Hannan.
When i wrote the music to the original film in 1992, it seemed almost impossible that this rich reef life could simply curl up and die. But it did. It's GONE.

This new film (shot entirely in high definition - yes, it's awsome!), was filmed in new locations, where small pockets of reef life still exists. Yet, this too will most certainly perish, because it's gone beyond being able to turn things around. Sad to think that it's now about preserving the memory of it.

So what happens next? As our reefs die, our seas will turn toxic, which will destry our fragile atmopshere, killing plants and animals, which includes us. Dramatic? Yup! Realistic? Let's put it this way...scientists are ASTOUNDED at the rate of sea life degredation. What they thought would take 100 years to die is already gone. Scary? You bet ya!

So, you live nowhere near the coast. Has nothing to do with you! Wanna know where your waste ends up? How about all that greenhouse gas your choices are contributing to. Yes, that includes you choices in packaging, products, and anywhere else your money goes. You buy it, you'r killing
it. Sorry for bearing bad news.

If you've seen AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH (by Al Gore), you know the picture.
Is it really this bad? Well, we could keep going the way we are and find out.

Wanna try?

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